Benefits Of Working With Me As Your Coach

Health and life coaching is booming. Online services are equally booming.

And it’s electric to watch people take ownership of their one precious life.

Like you might work with a personal trainer or a financial planner, a health and life coach helps fast track you to living a life you truly love and desire.

So how is my coaching different to the rest?

In my work I have what I can only describe as a ‘secret weapon’. I am a children’s occupational therapist.

I have spent many years understanding, helping piece together and supporting families and children of all different ages, disabilities and needs.

In doing this work- as a children’s occupational therapist- I have been truly blessed, humbled and thrilled beyond belief to have been a part of a process where uncovering, supporting and nurturing EVERY ounce of the child’s potential is what I do. Simply put- I love my job.

It is always what I do. Have done. Will continue to do. Everyone, big or small deserves to live their one precious life in a way that let’s:

// Their creativity do some of the talking
// Them see the world bright-eyed and opened hearted
// Vulnerability and a ‘Let’s do it’ attitude help them explore, learn, grow
// Them understand what they take a stand for in this big world.

I have many video posts (yes, videos!) ready to birth about how I put all the puzzle pieces together to help you and your child GLOW.

Nutrition. Self love. Development. Self esteem. Creativity. Independence.
Watch this space. They are coming.

But let’s continue to dive a little deeper here.

I get your child’s development, their sleep routines, the difficulties of toilet training and the communication behind tantrums. And I simply love. all. of. it.

My secret weapon goes beyond food; beyond what to eat and how to cook it. I dive deeper.

I dive into your child with a view to see all of them.

Here are a few examples:

:: Is your child not eating?

You might hear: Make them a separate meal (yeah, sometimes!), feed them, they will grow out of it (again, sometimes!).

My secret weapons:
// Can they use cutlery?
// Are they sensitive to certain textures/ temperatures/ tastes?
// Do they need a supportive chair to be able to sit upright and feed themselves?
// Are they over-whelemed by the amount of food on the plate?
// What are they trying to communicate to us by refusing to eat?

Note: I use intuitive questioning and razor sharp holistic observations of your child. I know what to expect developmentally and I know how to problem shoot using creative, bullet proof strategies.

:: Is your child inattentive? Bouncing around with a lot of energy? Do you wish they would sit still?

You might hear: Don’t give them sugar or red food colouring (great start!), make sure they sit at the front of the classroom, be stern with them and set firm boundaries (…can work), use time out when they don’t listen/ misbehave etc (in my experience this often doesn’t work).

My secret weapons:
// Are they eating breakfast?
// Let’s have a look at their daily meals.
// What’s their sleep routine?
// What triggers their described behaviours?
// How are the family managing this?
// Any anomalies with their digestion?
// What are their motor skills/ classroom participation like?
// How do they process their environment e.g.noise, touch, vision?

Note: This last point eludes to how we process sensory information- sensory processing- which links in with our energy systems and ultimately our interaction with the environment- a BIG blog post on this to come! Parents NEED to know about this. It is magic. It makes sense.

I’ve been described as:

+ Your Cheerleader. Someone who has a ‘can do attitude’. I believe wherever you are, wherever your child is at, you can take steps forward. Let’s do it!
+ Offering a fresh perspective. I brainstorm with you- not for you, because I value YOU and YOUR wonderful insights. We evaluate together and I’m always there. Always. You need me and I’m right here. I help you to step back and see the situation from the ‘bigger picture’ using my secret weapons. I love nothing more than the ‘uhh’ moments.
+ Accountable. We turn the ‘if only’s’, ‘I’m stuck’ and the ‘I will do that next week’ into positive step-by-step actions (which you my lovely create, with my support).

Every session- and in between sessions- I’m here to help you get unstuck and become curious.

I ignite the fire in your belly to get started.

Do you feel a connection? Interested to know more?

To get the most out of your coaching sessions it is important that we feel the connection. And that’s why I offer a FREE initial chat which we can do in person (if you’re in Singapore) or online over skype. They are a truly magical way to find out more about my ‘secret weapons’ and to dive deeper into what you want for yourself and for your child.

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Now I’m curious about your experiences. What do you find difficult about raising children? Have you ever used a coach? Tell me in the comments below. If you know someone who might need a gentle nudge to get some support, then share this article with your friends.