It’s Dinner Time! 3 Absolute Additions For Your Table

Say good bye to boring dinner wear which looks pretty glum to your child. Plates with a bit of this and that piled on. Cutlery that is hard to use.

Insert fun, playful, gorgeous and creative dinner wear that will make meal times fun, playful and explorative.

Did you know?

+ Children are more likely to eat food if it looks fun and playful?
+ We eat with our eyes! Children (adults too!) enjoy food even more when it looks yummy
+ Encouraging children to play with their food is one way to help them eat new food. Touching food helps children understand what it might feel like in their mouth. They can explore the texture, temperature and the consistency.

I have found 3 fun ‘must have’s’ for your dinner table. These are bound to get your little one interested in what’s for dinner tonight!

1. Dinner Do Plates

In two steps you will have created a funny plate of food, ready for your little one. It’s this easy: Pick a hair do, then create your funny face. Meat balls with a mullet? Pasta with a flat top? Fruit with a comb over?

Why I love these: Fun + creativity = curiosity + exploration!

Where to find: Seed Heritage

2. Taco truck

Beep beep. Make some room on the dinner table because your child needs to help demolish a special delivery! Drive the Taco Truck up to your child and watch them love this playful addition. Drive the truck into a boulder of meat balls. A skip of mashed potato. A pile of sweet potato wedge bricks. Get creative!

Why I love these: Versatility + a whole lot of spunk, the special deliveries certainly don’t stop at tacos. You can deliver sandwiches, burritos, sushi rolls and rice paper rolls in the truck!

Where to find: Lark

3. Zootensils

These gorgeous utensils are thick and come with soft side grips, making these easy for children to hold and use. Perfect for those little ones who are new to self feeding or who want to be independent!

Why I love these: Thick utensils are great for littlies because they have more surface area to grip. This makes it easier for them to hold the utensil and eat.

Where to find: Skip Hop