Are you ready to end your obsession with rigid + rule based eating and exercise so you can finally start loving your body?

I’m Sarah Tamburrini and I’m a Life and Health Coach.  I guide women out of restrictive,  rigid,  rule based exercise and food mindsets and into lives radiating compassion,  freedom,  flexibility and self trust.

I believe in  (and am wild for)  body love,  food freedom,  ditching diets + permitting over restricting.  I’m all for learning to love yourself,  just the way you are (because you’re truly gorgeous).



  • Sarah TamburriniIn giving ourself permission to be amazing.  
  • In self worth,  self love and self care. Ingredients for a glowing life.
  • There is nothing wrong with you. You’re evolving,  growing,  learning. Let’s explore this further.
  • In living life from a place of love over fear. Any day.  Love is electric.  You deserve an electric life.
  • In Action.  Because that’s where the magic happens.  I’m all for leaning into the fear,  and then leaning in some more.
  • That what we are all seeking is happiness.  And to find that we need to strip ourselves back,  shine a light within and lean into change.
  • That perfection is a myth.  No one is perfect.  I’m not perfect (nor do I want to be).  You’re not alone honey.



//  I have always experienced varying degrees of being ‘crazy’ around food and exercise.  From restricting to binging,  calorie counting,  eliminating whole food groups,  trying every diet out there,  letting my level of self worth be judged by a number on the scales,  to flogging my body in the gym doing exercise I hated.  I was hurting inside for many years-  constantly seeking happiness,  approval and comfort in all the wrong places.  Essentially I didn’t like my self a whole lot.

//  A few years on my world was shaken up when my food and exercise craziness reached a whole new level.  My health declined and I was being tested for polycystic ovary syndrome.  I was at my thinnest-  and – lowest point in life.  It took me to crisis point to realise the way I was living was  (fast)  becoming dangerous. 

//  So I moved overseas with my partner and from here I faced the harsh reality of doing things differently.  It was hard.  Damn hard to be out of my ‘comfort zone’.  No gym  (like I was used to).  No wild caught seafood.  No fructose free/ vegan/ gluten free cafes.  It was time:  for change.

//  Fast forward a little and my life is completely and utterly different.  I eat dairy when I want.  I eat fructose without feeling guilty.  I don’t introduce myself with all the things I don’t eat  (thinking it’s hip to be selective).  I even eat dessert  (often- healthy or otherwise).  The biggest change is I have ditched the guilt for compassion,  trust and a whole lot of self love.  And I wouldn’t ever-  ever – look back.

So I decided to help other people,  who are standing where I once stood. And that,  lovely lady,  brings me here.  With you.


I’ve learned first hand what it feels like to be lost,  desperate and full of fear.  I’ve discovered the power of flicking my nasty inner ‘skinny girl’ to the curb,  believing I am worth so much more than how I look,  and living life from a place of love.


  • Live a phenomenal life
  • Look in the mirror and love what you see
  • Give yourself permission to be free
  • Love yourself-  imperfections and all
  • Enjoy food and exercise again, in a way that doesn’t rule your life


I would absolutely love to support you.  If you’re ready to move forward.  Contact me here to find out more.

With love,



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Sarah Tamburrini


Sarah Tamburrini,  is a Life & Health coach who guides women out of restrictive,  rigid,  rule based exercise and food mindsets and into lives radiating with compassion,  freedom,  flexibility and self trust.  She’s on a mission to help gorgeous women like you unleash their glowing self through ditching diets,  eating and enjoying food again  (dessert included)  and breaking up with their inner Skinny Girl.

Sarah shares a lot of her journey towards body love and confidence,  self acceptance and finding food freedom on her website, Practise Glow. While exploring her online digs you can also cook your way to a more wholesome life with Sarah’s deliciously simple,  body loving recipes.